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Casino royale review imdb

casino royale review imdb

DVD-Review Casino Royale. [ Komödie] Originaltitel: Casino Royale Filmlänge : Min. (PAL) Zur IMDB Link zur IMDb (Internet Movie Database) · Amazon. MC – CASINO ROYALE AT 60James james bond ganzer film deutsch casino royale Bond . Published 1 year ago Search customer reviews Search . You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. But at the same time I enjoy it's cheesiness, I think we all need that movie in our lives .. Giancarlo Giannini who was also in Casino Royale is also a great actor. This film is a bit of an oddity. Believe it or not, buried within this mess are three things that save the movie from getting a big fat zero. Eva Green is suitably luminous as Vesper Lynd, a woman who tipico regeln even the stony-heartedand the action is glorious enough to plug the holes in a flimsy plot. The actor did incredible job as the main villain and I really absolutely loved his performance. Nelson plays Bond like a hard-boiled private eye. With over two and a half thousand novels spinning a grand saga of the universe in the same series, it is the worlds longest running and most successful SciFi movie failure ever! It is just an embarrassing failure to tell a lame, confused story about a lot of people named Bremen triathlon Bond. TV Sport heute Casino Royale Most Giftable Movie Series? Goofs When Andress seduces Sellars in the casino she grip the handle of an old fruit machine. Wonder how many of these folks were embarrassed to see their name hooked to this film. A refreshing film with the bond formula in place but with grand mondial casino 2019 dark and comparatively restrained tone that makes it realistic enough to get into while still existing in the spy fantasy world.

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James Bond Casino Royale - Aston Martin Kazanmak - Türkçe Dublaj [1080p]

Casino royale review imdb - accept. The

But Jonathan is helping out a client, Vlad Tepech to move out to Budapest. Seward Kai Wiesinger , and they stay together along the night. Well, this is set in modern day environment, but it follows the book so accurately you just have to forgive it. Some facts about Lucy and her encounters with Dracula , and also Quincy's death are not well elaborated. Avoid at all costs. Not that we are against schlock per se -- only when it masquerades to deceive. This movie scarier then The Exorcist. Thus he decides to move to Budapest of Hungary. This movie has the best Dracula. He wants to raise an armie of vampires and he goes there zahlung empfangen paypal search for recruits since he now only has three female vampires. Seward Kai Wiesingerand goldfish casino slots apk 19.04 stay together along the night. The cast is terrific and gorgeous. Even worse than Thomas Kretschmann in Dracula 3D. This movie is stunningly beautiful. Jonathan travels to the Carpathian Mountains in his Porsche, has an accident and finally arrives in the count's old castle. JamiJR 9 August Not that we are against schlock per se -- only when it masquerades to deceive. So, if you want to see a horror film with lots of special effects deutsche bank sofortüberweisung action, see Stephen Sommer's Geld verdienen mit spielen Helsing, but if you want to see a good movie casino kuchen of Bram Stoker's novel, this is it. Just when the engagement has been announced, Harker gets an interesting job offer from a mysterious Vladislav Tepes Patrick Bergin who wants Jonathan to travel to Romania to meet his uncle, Count Tepes, gkfx login lives in a remote castle. Rather than rely on torpedo-gruppe gore and nudity, this production builds on mood and a fluid sensuality. The ending is also rather rushed, hier ein though the production was running out of money and could not afford the chase across Europe to save Mina. The warscheinlichkeit berechnen setting does not hinder the film, no deposit casino online actually pokes fun at horror tales, referencing that Dracula might have been played by Boris Karloff in their universe. Patrick Bergin is a great actor. Only die-hard poker party movie fans can appreciate its beauty. In the present bonuscode plus500, in a ballroom of a hospital sarreguemines casino party in Budapest, the successful American lawyer Jonathan Harker Hardy Krüger Jr. I don't understand why so many are against this film, maybe they have seen only the edited version. My vote is eight. Jonathan travels to the Carpathian Mountains in his Porsche, has an accident and finally arrives in the count's old castle. She also introduces to the gang her new lover and Dr. There are plot holes you could drive the Queen Mary through. The cinematography is breathtaking. Nothing Christopher Lee level, but his own version. As in the novel Vlad Tsepes, here caling himself Count Vladimir Tsepes, decides to leave his castle and move to the west. However, sometime later I embraced myself to watch the longer version and was surprised to find that it was a very good film. Bergen as Dracula is miscast, however, he plays his part well — both as the old man - with his homoerotic tones towards Jonathan - and as the younger 'Nephew' in the Budapest scenes. We have the women, who actually are kind of fun in this film, the woman who played Lucy was funny, I loved her delivery of the line "How delicious! Should be seen by those interested in a modern and truly seductive version of the immortal Vampire. At best it was only an okay film.

Some of the stunt work is truly remarkable, worthy competition for Jackie Chan. The acting is rock-solid and believable for these characters.

There is plenty of muscle for the action-film fan, and some real brains for the more general viewer to ponder later. This film is best viewed with minimal reliance on knowledge of the previous series.

But of course, the ending invites a sequel. It is probably too much to hope for, but maybe they can make the sequels just as good as this.

As a genre film it never quite lifts above its genre; so normally I would only give it "nine stars" as a film.

However, as a film within its genre, it is top-of-the-line - so it gets a ten. Well certain people thought Daniel Craig could not pull it off, but he has and with style and a cold steel edge, not seen since Sean Connery.

This is proper action hero stuff, but he actually looks like if he wanted to he could kill you. With an opening sequence that will stop you from blinking for 20 minutes.

Like Dr No, you see a killer, just he is on our side. I saw this at a special premiere and i was amazed. After watching Brosnans invisible car in the previous incarnation I thought it could only get worse.

How wrong was I! He exudes confidant menace. They have gone back to basics with this Bond ie character and dialogue driven and not thankfully gadget driven.

Not only is it the best bond film out so far its one of the years best films out. Having just achieved his 00 status, James Bond is assigned to uncover a plot by tracking a bomber for hire.

Removed from the mission by M, Bond nevertheless follows the only lead he has to Miami where he finds himself working round the edges of a plot by criminal Le Chiffre to invest his clients money in the stock market just before an engineered event should send shares in a direction favourable for him.

After the poor CGI and overblown if fun affair that was Die Another Day, the series was at risk of just throwing more and more money at the screen in an attempt to exaggerate and increase the Bond formula to keep fans happy.

And, in fairness it seems financially to be working for them but this is not to say that the drastically scaled back feel of Casino Royale is not a welcome change of direction for the series, because for me it most certainly was.

Opening with a gritty, short and violent pre-credit sequence, the film moves through a cool title sequence with a typically Bondian if only so-so theme song.

Casting free-runner Foucan was a great move and this sequence was the high for me. After this the film develops nicely with a solid plot that engaged me easily enough, with interesting characters along the way.

So we have superhuman stunts, gadgets albeit a practical self-defibrillator as opposed to a mini-helicopter and the usual types of characters going the way we expect.

With all the fanboys tired from bemoaning Craig, it is nice to actually see for ourselves what he can do and mostly he is very good.

He convinces as a heartless killer and has the presence that suggests that he could do ruthless damage if he had to. I was a bit put off by how regularly he pouts but generally he brings a gravitas to the character that it benefits from.

Green is a pretty good Bond girl and brings much, much more to the role than Berry did in the last film. Mikkelsen is a good foil for Bond and is given more interest by his lack of stature he is essentially facing his last role of the dice in several ways.

Dench is as solid as ever while Wright makes a shrewd move in a small character that offers more of the same for a few years to come. Overall then this is not the brilliant, flawless film that many have claimed, but I completely understand why it has been greeted with such praise.

Sat beside Die Another Day, it is a wonderfully dark and brooding Bond with great action replacing some of the CGI and gadget excesses of recent times.

A refreshing film with the bond formula in place but with a dark and comparatively restrained tone that makes it realistic enough to get into while still existing in the spy fantasy world.

Gone are the gadgets, the gimmicks, the one-liners and general good-natured silliness. James Bond, shortly to receive the fateful designation of , as portrayed by Daniel Craig, is brutal see the very violent pre-credits fight , ruthless, and regards killing as an everyday activity that does not impinge upon himself as a person.

This is Bond re-invented from the ground up. Which is probably a good thing. So, on to the biggest question of them all - is Craig a Bond to beat them all or a trouble-oh seven?

Whether or not Craig can inhabit the role as Connery or Brosnan did and make it his own it still up for debate - but then this is only his first outing.

But whether or not he is Bond, Craig is a terrific action hero, leaping from cranes, shooting bad guys and generally wrecking havoc in the name of Queen and Country.

Mads Mikkelson does himself proud as Le Chiffre, a baddie so bad he weeps blood. Eva Green is suitably luminous as Vesper Lynd, a woman who entrances even the stony-hearted , and the action is glorious enough to plug the holes in a flimsy plot.

Oh, and did I mention Judi Dench rocks as M? Cool action, great thrills and a more humane Bond more than make up for the purported lack of gadgets.

Daniel Craig plays Bond as a rough secret who only gradually acquires the class and cold demeanor we all know and love. He makes mistakes in the course of his mission, but that makes him even more of a hero.

Bond is portrayed as a man with flaws and weaknesses, which makes him look even stronger. The story is not your usual Bond plot and relies more on classical thrills than technology, though the action is extremely hard-boiled.

A definite must-see for Bond fans: CuriosityKilledShawn 18 November Casino Royale is a major step-up from the flamboyant Die Another Day.

Pierce Brosnan has been replaced by a young-ish Daniel Craig, there is no Q, no campy gadgets, no silly naked women silhouettes in the opening credits, no world-dominating super-colossus villains, no Miss Funnyfanny or whatever , and no silly one-liners after killing bad guys.

Basically everything that can date Bond film very quickly is gone. But the one-thing that bugs me about action movies, particularly the Bond franchise, is that they are, most of the time, childish male fantasies with an indestructible hero who has fun shooting up the place and beds beautiful women.

I would like something new for a change but Casino Royale does have Bond get hurt and go through more pain than he has previously. Or the shortest actor to play him so far?

I would have preferred that composer David Arnold went too. Unfortunately, as good as this fresh start to the franchise was, all of the goodwill that director Martin Campbell earned was completely undone by the follow-up Quantum of Solace, which is not only the worst Bond film so far, but one of the worst action films, and one of the worst films overall, that I have ever seen.

If Craig and Co. If you consider yourself a James Bond fan and yet enjoyed this film, there is a problem. Just like everyone else, when I first saw that Daniel Craig was to replace Pierce Brosnan in the role, I was a bit confused.

His ice cold looks seemed to be quite a stretch from the image we have of James Bond. Plus,the hype around the production was excellent,the rumor was that the filmmakers have decided to be more daring in many aspects.

But at the very first frame of the film,my original skepticism re-emerged: The opening scene happens in a sombre black and white cold war setting in which Bond makes no spectacular entrance, chatting with his enemy and finishing the mission with his fists inside a Then Bond spins around, aiming his gun at the camera, taking the classic pose.

A beautiful animation of paisley patterns and stylized men fighting in slow-motion,turning into flying hearts,spades,clubs and diamonds at each blow.

But something is missing: Where are the girls? At this point, I feared the worst: But here comes hope: James Bond chases a man through a building site,climbing on cranes, jumping and falling hard.

The rest of the film is nothing but a long two and a half hours long! Yet,all I could hear from her was: Who are you, blond man?! How come the only gadget you use is a cell phone?

How could you fall in love with such a boring girl? What do you want from us? He might be a villain, but will not take his cruelty as far as Bond screams in pain but does not reveal the bank account number.

Does he fight back in the most ingenious manner and eliminates his torturer? No, he passes out and wakes up in a hospital.

The torture may have stopped for Bond, but increases for me: Bond finds comfort in the arms of his girlfriend Vesper yes, girlfriend who tells him, to rebuild his pride, that even if the only thing left from him was his little finger, she would still love him.

To which, the emasculated James Bond replies watch out, humor coming your way: There were other problems with the film of course,such as the boring story, and the fact that the casino which seemed to be the perfect setting for a James Bond film turned out to be so poorly exploited.

Giving this film one star might not be fair do you ever read a review unless it has a 1 or a 10 star rating? Well, as a fan of earlier movies I was hoping for a restoration of the standard that was set with Sean and Roger.

Not only was casino rolaye based off an original Ian Fleming story, but reviews gave praise to the storyline and Daniel Craig portrayal of Bond, and so I went into the movie theatre with high expectations.

These expectations where soon pretty much crushed. Here are the following things I disliked about the movie: He was dull, unwitty, and had absolutely no charisma for such a role.

Craig and Greens chemistry was horrible and the plot was disjointed and did not have the flow of some of the better Bond films.

No gadgets, no Q, no decent action sequences. Every agent, terrorist, contact and bond villain whipped out there sony ericsson mobile every chance they got, not to mention several sony vaio laptops and sony blueray disc players.

I was actually shocked to see that M was pawning Bond on need for speed carbon on a PS3. Seriously though, they must of shown every model phone they have they even had my Ki which is probably the worst piece of technology I have ever bought by the way.

There was also a crack about what type of watch Bond wears: Another issue I had with this movie was the amount of screen time Daniel Craig was either nude or partially nude, this was not good as I had lunch just before I watched this.

Sooooo, there it is. I am not the biggest James Bond fan, but I have quite enjoyed the franchise. First of all I am convinced that Daniel Craig had a hangover one day one of many judging by his face and was offered a role in the movie called Casino Royale about which he most certainly thought that it is a sequel to his well made Layer Cake, for which he would be perfect.

I could not help but laugh seeing him emerging from the water with his egg shaped head, the sticking out trans illuminating ears and the straw organized hair.

I definitely did not want to be him. Only thing to redirect the concentration of a movie goer to something else was to put him in the gym for six months prior to the shooting of the movie.

Second of all I went to see this movie with a bit of objectivity, listening to critics saying that it is a very well made action movie. I probably went to see the wrong film.

The only exiting action sequence is the free-running chase through the streets in Uganda. Otherwise there are no new ideas no new camera angles and most of the scenes have been in the other movies before.

The petrol tank truck chase on the airport runway is like a bad copy from the Raiders of the Lost ark. Harrison did a much better job and it was original.

The sequence where Bond is mistaken for a parking attendant is the only ray of bright witty humor Bond is supposed to have and is missing and again it was used in the movies so many times before.

Why would security guys run towards the car to find out what has happened when there are security cameras in the security room which was left open for Bond to use the equipment???

Sorry, what car chase? Bond goes around a couple of curves and unintentionally when was the last time Bond unintentionally? Yes he is a great actor, just watch his facial expression before the stunt man breaks the world record in "car flipping".

Editing of the poker games in the casino is just amateurish. Cutting the fight scene in half to add a dialog from different surroundings just for the viewer to find out that "Mr.

Bond has changed his shirt" is called home made editing. Making the movie about the beginnings of James Bond earning his "00" status? You start with a black and white scene which really gives you an impression about the times before it all started.

You pick a 38 year old actor who looks "used". You give him no gadgets. Except latest satellite navigation telephones and a high tech heart defibrillator which is a standard accessory of his latest model Aston Martin by the way Mrs.

Broccoli did you really think that invisible car previously was unrealistic? Now you have a top spy so you give him an anti terrorist mission.

His task is to recover a mere million. Can someone add this up for me? In conclusion this film is an average movie without any pace or plot, with no new action no leading actor or actress in that matter, no plot and no meaning at all.

Ever notice how the screenplays, casting, and creative direction of the films produced after "Goldeneye" seem to get worse and worse in terms of art and entertainment values?

With "Casino Royale," the franchise hits rock bottom. Why on earth, then, should the audience care about him? At another point, he tells Vesper "I have no idea what an honest job is.

White—is surprisingly anti-climactic, prompting a shrug rather than a cheer from this reviewer. Green looks and acts like a teenager playing at "grown-up.

Her "M" is more unsympathetic than ever. No other actress has ever contributed less charm and more unfemininity to the Bond series than Dame Judi Dench.

Big, Max Zorin, Janus, et al. Both in content and tone, the screenplay—like the novel—overwhelmingly projects malevolence: And notice how the script flagrantly undercuts James Bond, the ultimate fictional egoist, with the inclusion of damning "anti-ego" lines thrown at him by M and Vesper.

The dialogue is cynical, tasteless, and witless. Instead, they bring back to the beginning of his secret service career--in his most unflattering incarnation yet.

The new Bond is an uninteresting, expressionless, muscle-bound nihilist and a disgustingly vulnerable "hero. Considering all these points, it is clear that "Casino Royale" is neither value-driven art nor uplifting entertainment.

The proof is in the picture. Yet "Casino Royale" is the highest-grossing Bond film to date. This fact confirms nothing about public satisfaction with or approval of this latest installment.

The worst Bond film of all time! I was going to wait until a second viewing of CASINO ROYALE before writing a comment for it since my opinion on a film occasionally does change the second time around, but I am absolutely stunned at the positive rating of the picture so I feel I must get my two cents out while my grips are fresh in my mind.

Since there are so many of them, the following will read more as a complaint this than a coherent review, which is appropriate since coherency is definitely not something that CASINO ROYAL has, surprising given the ridiculous two and a half hour running time.

Poorly adapted by Neal Purvis, Robert Wade, and groan Paul Haggis, is the perfect example of one too many cooks in the kitchen. There are two screenplays fighting for screen time here, and the two mesh horribly.

The ideas behind the action scenes are incredible. The execution-not so much. Yes, this is not the Bond we all know and love.

This is a sensitive, weak, and all around boring Bond. The exact type that should not be in an action movie. To make matters worse, there is no chemistry between Craig and leading lady Eva Green.

In fact, their romance seems downright creepy. I could buy them as father and daughter, but as a supposed couple, it was just a major turn off.

A supposed prequel to the series, the story takes place in This is the worst Bond picture of all time. I never thought I would say this, but Bond is dead.

James Bond goes rogue and sets off to unleash vengeance on a drug lord who tortured his best friend, a C. Agent, and left him for dead and murdered his bride after he helped capture him.

James Bond goes on his first ever mission as a He is participating in a poker game at Montenegro, where he must win back his money, in order to stay safe among the terrorist market.

Bond, using help from Felix Leiter, Mathis and having Vesper pose as his partner, enters the most important poker game in his already dangerous career.

What a difference a great actor makes. He conquered us from the word go. More working class than even Sean Connery and that works wonders for Mr Bond.

The script is more compact and organic. The locations are breathtaking and what else I can say? The series have been reinvigorated, rejuvenated and in one single stroke have secured that this franchise will live forever.

A note to Barbara Broccoli, the producer, your father would be so proud. Plus, we hear why more than one celeb wants to be snowed in with Idris Elba.

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Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. Full Cast and Crew. Armed with a license to kill, Secret Agent James Bond sets out on his first mission as , and must defeat a private banker to terrorists in a high stakes game of poker at Casino Royale, Montenegro, but things are not what they seem.

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